Baby Shower Gift Registry Essentials: How To Create & What To Include
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Baby Shower Gift Registry Essentials: How To Create & What To Include

Baby Shower Gift

Create a baby shower gift registry as a great way to list important items you need when a baby is born. A baby gift registry helps people to know what to buy for a newborn baby and avoids unwanted items or duplicate presents. Family and friends can give useful, practical gifts and, more importantly, what a newborn needs or parent wants. With a wishlist of baby essentials, if the mum-to-be has a specific or expensive item in mind, guests can contribute to gift a joint present rather than buying lots of smaller unnecessary products.

Baby essentials a new mum really needs

Newborns do not need fluffy blankets or teddy bears, whereas there is a long list of essentials a new mum wants.

New parents will usually have already chosen the larger baby equipment they want for their newborn. They might have already test-driven pushchairs or prams and made a decision on which car seat to buy, for example. That said, expectant parents often appreciate contributions for baby items with a higher price tag, depending on budget. A baby shower gift registry can offer a way to collect donations towards the same item, such as a designer change bag.

Whether a newborn baby is bottle-fed or breastfeeding, there is still a baby feeding wishlist. Breastmilk can be expressed with a pump and stored in bags of bottles ready for a baby's feed. Otherwise, bottles will need to be made up with formula milk.

Other baby supplies that tend to run out include nappies, wipes and barrier creams. Whilst these everyday supplies don’t sound like an exciting present, it’s all very helpful, especially as maternity pay kicks in and disposable cash may be less. A baby shower registry helps friends and family gift the newborn essentials ready for the new arrival.

baby shower gift list

How to create a baby shower gift registry

It’s never too early to set up a baby gift registry. The baby shower might be much later in pregnancy, but you can begin to prepare at any point.

To make it easy to organise the items you’re looking at, start your wish list early in your pregnancy to remember what you’re looking at. A well-planned baby gift registry gives your friends and family plenty of time to choose a present they know you really want.

Choose from a range of retailers, on and offline. If you’d like a specific item, colour or size, add as many details as possible, along with a direct link to the product. Simply ask gifters to mark it as purchased so that you don’t receive it twice. Our tip is to keep it to the gifts you really want to receive. A long unmanageable gift registry can be tricky for friends and family to navigate, and they may decide to choose something else completely. A shorter, more focused list is easier to buy from.

What to include in a baby gift registry

If you’re a first-time parent, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Other parents or friends with children are full of advice on items they found useful for their baby. You can also look at reviews and forums for baby products with recommendations.

Consider all budgets; some people like to choose lots of little gifts, while others may shop big or prefer to contribute cash. Include essential items such as nappies, wipes, and baby clothes in various sizes; stocks go down quickly, and babies grow fast. Hampers of smaller essential items come in handy later down the line, and people like to think they are being helpful.

Likewise, think ahead to a few months later. Toys, highchairs, weaning, or seasonal equipment can all be useful presents as the baby gets older. Add non-monetary items such as babysitting or home-cooked meals. Gifts of kindness are invaluable to new parents amidst the chaos of a new baby.

If you’re still stuck on what you might need for your new baby, include gift cards on your registry. Gift cards for a retailer with a wide variety of products give you the flexibility to purchase items as needed.

Must-haves for a baby shower gift list checklist

We’ve broken down the essentials a new mum needs for a baby in the fourth trimester.

  • Baby equipment: Car seat, travel system or pram, cot or crib, change bag, baby monitor, and nappy changing table or mat.
  • Baby feeding: Baby feeding bottles, breast pump, milk bags, muslins, bibs, steriliser, bottle brush, drying rack, flask, nipple pads and shields.
  • Baby supplies: Nappies, barrier creams, nappy bags, formula, wipes, cotton wool.
  • Baby sleeping: Swaddles, cellular blankets, white noise simulator, room thermometer.
  • Practical presents: Thermometer, dummies, safety scissors, bath water thermometer, sunshade.
  • Clothing: Vests, sleepsuits, socks, wool hat, sunhat, cardigans, mittens.
  • Gifts for mum: Brownies or chocolates, baby milestone book, newborn photoshoot, keepsake, experience voucher or some pick-me-up toiletries.

Remember, your baby shower registry isn’t rude or cheeky; it’s designed to help you organise the items you need for your new arrival. Take the time to create a gift list that reflects how you’d like to care for your baby. Begin your free newborn baby wishlist today.

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